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  • Heritage Hyndburn – Howarth art gallery, the Tiffany Collection
    Originally known as Hollins Hill, Howarth art gallery was once the home of William Howarth. The Howarth’s came from humble beginnings, but soon found fortune, with two cotton mills in […]
  • Reopening the line to Skipton, will it ever happen?
    Reopening the line to Skipton Reopening of the missing link from Colne to Skipton has long been proposed. However, the recent paring back of rail investment in the north has […]
  • Accrington, investment plan, fantasy football?
    The recent, Accrington town centre investment plan has some good ideas but will it ever happen? Additionally, what happened to the rest of Hyndburn? Have we been levelled off or […]
  • Hyndburn, the cannabis capital of the North?
    Is Hyndburn turning into the cannabis capital of the North? Notably, In Hyndburn, You can choose between Locally grown cannabis or imports! A recent court case has highlighted the issue […]
  • When Accrington station had twenty-one staff.
    The heyday of the railways was around 1910 when Accrington station had a remarkable twenty-one staff. Now there is one. Indeed, Lines headed off in all directions and the station […]
  • Changing times, Accringtons’ lost shops
    Accringtons’ lost shops. Nowadays shop owners can only dream of Broadway being this busy! Back in the 1960s, this would have been a typical Saturday. With shoppers and cinema-goers struggling […]
  • Drink driver caught in Accrington
    Drink driver caught in Accrington. Nationally, in 2020, more than 2000 people were killed in drink driving-related accidents. In Lancashire, more than 100 have been caught over the limit, in […]
  • Paying writers and a rant
    Just f#cki#g pay people! One of the aims of this site is to pay freelance writers. Getting paid as a freelance writer is very very difficult. There are lots of […]
  • Homes for Humanity Charity, seeks to open in Accrington
    The homeless Charity Homes for Humanity is looking to set up a shop in Accrington. Additionally, there is a proposed affordable housing scheme on Charter Street, Accrington. The eco-house scheme […]

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On the subject of Covid, I am increasingly leaning towards compulsory vaccinations. It is the refuseniks that are clogging up the hospitals, while those more worthy cannot get treatment.

When your house is on fire you do not refuse the hose! That way you lose the entire town!

Don’t be a drip get vacinated!