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A note from the owner.

I set up this site as an independent voice for local news. As you probably know most local newspapers and magazines are owned by corporations. Consequently, they have to follow an agenda, be it political or ideological.

I have no particular political axe to grind apart from a loathing of the woke agenda that most of the mainstream media follow.

A recent article in the Mail on Sunday, titled “Why are so many bosses psychopaths” makes the point that a free local press is important.

“The hollowing out of local and regional journalism is likely to ensure that fewer people (leaders) fear a free press.”

Brian Klaas

On the subject of poor leadership he says:

“We can remind leaders of the weight of their responsibilities, we can make them see people as human beings, not abstractions”

Brian Klaas

Job Centre staff take note!

Charity support

Another aim of the site is to support local charities and organizations.

Paying writers

I intend to pay writers as soon as funds become available. Meanwhile email your stories and photos to;


Finally, I also write entertaining history articles for Preston Blog.

Community interest statement, site aims

A CIC can be a single member company.

  • To provide local news and alerts for Hyndburn
  • To provide entertaining local history articles
  • To cover national issues with a local impact
  • To create local knowledge quizzes
  • To provide support and publicity to local charities
  • To provide a local business directory
  • To give free directory listings to charity shops
  • To support English, History and jounalism students by paying for content.

Sponsors needed

This site costs £500 per month to run, not including marketing costs. If you would like to support the above aims, via sponsorship / advertising. Contact me.

I have applied to make Hyndburn News a Community interest company, with the above aims.

LCC grant funding