Blackburn’s poo patrol and litter crackdown. overzealous?

Blackburn Crime Watch

Controversial company Kingdom Security Services have been patrolling Blackburn town centre since 2017.

Recently an Accrington man was fined more than £300 for dropping a cigarette butt outside a shop in Blackburn. The shop, ABC foods in King street, is protected under environmental laws, as it sells food.

By January 2019 7,226 fines for littering had been handed out as well as 40 for dog fouling.

Image, Pixabay

Executive member for environment Cllr Jim Smith said: “During the period of the team’s operation, the team has performed satisfactorily in terms of conduct and diligence.”

The recent action has split opinion, with some saying the fine is over the top, while others say that the publicity will deter more littering.

A few years ago the Guardian published a highly critical article on kingdom Security Services.

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