Accringtons lost shops

Changing times, Accringtons’ lost shops

Accringtons’ lost shops. Nowadays shop owners can only dream of Broadway being this busy! Back in the 1960s, this would have been a typical Saturday. With shoppers and cinema-goers struggling for space. Accringtons’ lost shops, It’s looking like a ghost town. The Odean cinema, later the Classic, closed in 1990, Consequently, there was no cinema […]

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Accrington Woolworths, when buying records was fun!

Accrington Woolworths on the inside. This iconic image is from 1958 when Accrington Woolworths was still on Blackburn road. The store had been built in 1925, as a purpose-built building. Note the very 50’s style record stands with the characteristic legs. See also When Accrington’s trams ran on steam The first Woollworths store in Accrington […]

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