Homes for Humanity Charity, seeks to open in Accrington

Accrington Charities

The homeless Charity Homes for Humanity is looking to set up a shop in Accrington. Additionally, there is a proposed affordable housing scheme on Charter Street, Accrington. The eco-house scheme is run by Building for Humanity.

Moreover, the profits from the Building For Humanity project will be used to fund the shop and initial help for veterans and the homeless

The Accrington charity shop and drop-in centre

Hyndburn Council will provide the shop for £1. Notably, £100,000 is needed for the development. Building work will be done partly by building students and veterans. Accrington and Rossendale College is also involved in the project.

The shop will house a cafe and drop-in centre. Additionally, there will be training and counselling services. Provision is for the homeless and veterans.

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A charity shop and conference facilities will also be present.

Building for Humanity

The Building for Humanity charity is based in The Old Tannery on Eastgate Accrington. Indeed, the pilot housing project will be on Charter street.

Our first project in Accrington will impact upon around 165 local people providing low rent, carbon efficient, affordable and sustainable housing,

Homes for Humanity

The houses are designed to be low energy, with cutting-edge energy-efficient and environmental measures. In fact, this is particularly relevant with current energy prices.

The Charter Street project

Leader of the council, Cllr Miles Parkinson, said: “This is not going to be some tatty old development – it will be something Hyndburn can be proud of.”

The land has been gifted by the Hyndburn Council and planning for the site is underway. Moreover, once the concept is proved it can be rolled out across the country.

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Crowdfunding for the Whalley Road Shop

To cover the £100,000 needed for the shop, £50,000 has been provided by Building for Humanity. Additionally, there is also a Crowdfunder page for the remaining £50,000.

To support Veterans/Homelessness into Eco Homes, crowdfunding page.

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