Paying writers and a rant


Just f#cki#g pay people!

One of the aims of this site is to pay freelance writers. Getting paid as a freelance writer is very very difficult. There are lots of obstacles. For example, fake jobs, patronizing hiring practices and media corporations.

Fake jobs

This outfit runs the same ad in virtually every part of the country. Who knows where your ripped off content goes?

Patronising piffle

There will be none of this kind of patronising nonsense:

Step 1 – is a short punctuation and grammar test

Step 2 – you will be required to produce a 600-word test article called: 5 ways to improve the omnichannel customer experience. Please note we will not publish or use this test article in any way.

That is what qualifications are for!! Just how bad do they think the education system is?

Not paying people

Many sites solicit content and then refuse to pay for it.


“ does not provide payment for voluntary article submissions. However, we do include a promotional line at the end of articles, which may link to a website or book page. If you are a published author, we can also promote your book across our social media outlets.”

Gee Wizz, thanks for ripping me off!

Media corporations

Most newspapers and magazines are owned by corporations and will not pay Freelance writers.

Sinking to the bottom

There are also sites such as Freelancer and People Per Hour. Here they offer articles for £10 etc. This really is a trip into the twilight zone and best avoided!

Hence the need for an independent community interest publisher to step in.

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