The electric car revolution, too few chargers in Accrington?

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The electric car revolution is gathering pace. Notably, the most popular car sold in the UK, in September 2021, was the Electric Tesla Model 3.

However, is Hyndburn lagging behind with charging points? Zap map lists 13 charging stations in Hyndburn, some can take up to six vehicles, but most are fewer than that. Importantly, The fastest charge is about one hour. So you could be waiting for a while to get a spot!

It needs a bit of a charge!

Unfortunately, most of the chargers in Hyndburn, are 7KW types, these can take up to four hours to get a full charge. Notably, Accrington Lidl, on Hyndburn Road, has a 50KW fast charger. Although, only a few hi-performance models can charge at this rate.

Tesla has its own supercharger network, but Tesla vehicles can be charged anywhere.

The nearest Tesla Dealership is in Manchester. The base model 3 costs £42,500.

Parking nightmares

Assuming that you can park your vehicle outside your house, they can be charged at home. Additionally. New charging points are being added all the time. Notably, Hyndburn has a lot of terraced housing and many have nowhere to charge electric vehicles. Therefore more charge points will be needed at your place of work.

Do you own a Tesla in Hyndburn, leave a comment below?

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