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Work continues on the canal breach at Rishton – photo feature

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The Canal and River trust continues work on the canal breach at Rishton- All images Geoff. Whittaker.

The Leeds & Liverpool canal at Rishon has been closed since the bank was breached in October. Round-the-clock repairs are proceeding, and a Mad Max-style camp has been set up for the workers and equipment.

The canal camp at Rishton

Access is difficult along a narrow track, making it awkward to get machinery in place. Notably, this is also a public footpath popular with dog walkers and bikers.

Two cofferdams are in use and the centre drained section can be seen below. Pumps are running continuously to keep, the drained section clear for the workers. Note how shallow the canal actually is.

How the Canal and river Trust helps communities

The Canal and River Trust website says

….Here at the Trust, we’re working with volunteers and communities across England and Wales to transform canals and rivers into spaces where local people want to spend time and feel better. We know this will bring wellbeing opportunities to millions.

Canal and River Trust

The canal repair at Rishton is an extensive and expensive operation. The canal is blocked for boats, at this point, making it impossible to navigate the whole length of this major leisure route. Footpaths are also blocked. So who is funding the repairs?

The Canal and River Trust had an income of £215million in 2019/20, this funding is used to maintain the network and deal with emergency repairs. In the past year, £5 million has been spent on unplanned works, much of it in the North-West.

Ironically extensive repairs to the bank had just taken place slightly further down the canal, towards Hapton.

The Burnley to Preston rail line is close by.

The site entrance

Hopefully, the work will be completed by the Spring, ready for the Summer boating season.

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