Youths go on a rampage in Accrington

Accrington Crime Watch

A gang of 20 youths has gone on a rampage in Accrington. Staff at Mcdonald’s and Tesco have been abused and the property smashed up.

Hyndburn Police reported two antisocial behavior incidents in two days. Problems began at Mcdonald’s on Hyndburn road and moved on to the Tesco Extra store on Eagle Street. Both locations were damaged “inside and out”

Two of the youths have been identified as Residents of Accrington, and:

PCSO Matthew Gill said they will visit their parents ‘in the next couple of days’ and has issued an appeal to identify the others.

“If anyone has any more information as to who they are and where they live you can reply in confidence to this message.

“If you don’t know where your children are then please check as they maybe part of the group that are causing problems in the town centre.”

The latest crime figures for Accrington indicate that antisocial behavior accounts for 37% of reported crime. While violence and sexual offenses account for 26%. Overall crime is down 13% over the last year.

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